CUE Philosophy/Theology Department: The Creation of Creation

I enjoy using alternative terms to describe the gawds, such as, ‘the Deistical Dudes’, the deities, and my second favorite, “the Creator”, when referring to one of the Deistical Dudes single handedly.

This comes from my personal idea that the gawds are all one similar existence that lets us recognize ourselves within the planet Earth of Maternal actions.

We (as a human species) have come a long way from the roads of wonder and ponder, to the land of active action of imaginative implementation. The theory or idea of Science and Technology effecting humans through creative operations will be the topic of discussion.

Science, and the Deistical dudes. They are a part of the same family, the same type of divine magnificence that spawns and delivers our means for understanding and technology. We introduced the idea of the man-made Kingdom that rules and reigns the planet Earth within the developing nations. The mmK has its foundations within the art of science and the notion of a grand being that regulates and occupies the blueprints of our world, as well as the universe.

NAME News.


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