Can Modern Religions Survive in a Cosmic Society?

I do not think so. When you have a group of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists, etc. all in a room, what happens if a specific deity is said to be better than the rest? Would they talk it out friendly? Would they begin battle? Or would these humans come together and understand that no matter where or who they are, worshipped, or prayed to, the common thread of communicative intentions are all the same way for them all, I would think.

If these five humans (of different religious backgrounds) are standing in a field of a beautiful landscape, do they not all see this natural artwork before them that was NOT handcrafted by mortal hands? Do they not all feel the breeze of the land that circles them? Are they not all sharing in this experience together, in a moment that is divinely happening (to those five humans) right now?

What about the cosmos, are they not all occupying within the same realm of an oxygen-less environment, no gravity, and the endless blanket of a darkness that could fuel any imagination?

Does the entire paradigm of these religions become unimportant, or insufficient to the ways of the Universe and their cosmic reality of living?

This is when Earth has a new outlook.

NAME News.

#Earth #SolarSanctuary


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