Religious Evolution: Denying Change, Denying the Deities (part1)

I would truly love to travel the planet in search of people’s opinions to evolution, especially the religious.
I CANT HELP IT! I grew up in the Bible Belt. This spirit of the “GAWDS” and the creation of our mental lineage of understanding this planet from a divine POV has got me infatuated with the Deistical Dudes.

Although I do not have a favorite within the lines of religions, since I hold that they all (should) promote peace and positivity, or they all do not, I do respect them and their following.

The thing about that is, is how can we live this life of understanding and information, which has naturally been transformed, altered, change, corrected, or basically EVOLVED, from its initial understanding creation or starting point, and not recognize the sheer power that nature and the Dudes have over evolution?

You cannot deny the physical and mental changes that occur to humans all over this planet, and not see it as evolving.

From infant, to adults, to elderly, this pattern is written in the code of nature, a code of evolutionary signs that demonstrate just how the blueprints of certain natural entities undergo.


2 thoughts on “Religious Evolution: Denying Change, Denying the Deities (part1)

    • Ahhh, he strikes again!

      I have a post from an early phase in my continued journey entitled something like, “the re-configuration of religion”, or something like that.

      I agree to a certain extent. The books are meant to provide lessons? entertaining stories?

      Not really sure, but the fact remains, everything around us is either changing or evolving. The minds within religions should as well.


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