Science: Religions Father?

Senator Al Gore wrote a terrific novel (which I am still within the beginning phases of reading it) entitled, “Earth in the Balance”. The following ideas are drawn from his words, his insights, and his long devotion to understanding our planet and its environmental struggle from within.

Science: Deistical Dudes, I have something to tell you.
Deistical Dudes: (all together) What is it, science?
Science: I…. Am….. your Father.

HEY……. humans who do not know how to get along within this physically finite planet, I am NAME’s favorite booger, Matthew Johnson.

So, I have begun a reading challenge, and ‘Earth In The Balance’ is one of them.

As I began the first few pages, reading within my mind as Al Gore’s voice plays reads the words, it dawned on me, that humans are the inventors of the understanding to our world. (The Science)

Science is worldwide, just like its fellow family member, religion. These two play, debate, discuss, and decipher the building blocks of humanity in constructive ways – some more than others.

While reading this, i could NOT help myself to think back when I was trying to PURSUE THAT ARTISTIC CAREER, and learning and loving the shared relationship of the two, (science and religion). Now after thinking about this idea of the spawning of subjects, is science the father to religions?

All lands within this planet (of modern developing technologies) have the resources and capabilities of researching new platforms of scientific revelations and discoveries to better understand our ways and operations of this existence (on Earth in this galaxy).

[In theory, making the identity of a presence higher than us, valid – with other forms and fashions of divine scientific systems]

But, with science as the Earth’s manual for it’s operation system, no matter WHO or WHERE you are on this planet, racially, regionally and MOST IMPORTANTLY religiously, science (to me) seems to be OUR sunlight watching over, providing heat, energy, and information to our man-made Kingdom.

(This kind of works with the idea that the Deistical Dudes are all living in the Sun – – and if so, the spread of light and energy equals science involving and engaging all lands just the same – for the continuous evolution of our world, culture, society, and human enterprise under the man-made Kingdom umbrella we call, ‘Reality’.


2 thoughts on “Science: Religions Father?

  1. This does make sense in the big scheme of things…as in “math” “science”..being the grounding to this earth plane…religion would have no voice…..the lock and key seem to be recognizing this “oneness”…without denial of this imaginary universe in which we create… Heart to Heart Robyn…I Love how you “dive In”

    • You are a kind soul EA. I never thought about the aspect of mathematics when focusing in on the two subjects… Perhaps you have spawned inspiration for another article? The oneness – such a powerful, deep understanding to our true paradigm.

      I thank you for stopping by our studio, continue staying awesome.


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