Deistical Dudes on MTV Cribs (Web Edition)

MTV-Cribs Deistical Dudes Edition

Welcome to another exciting edition of MTV CRIBS! Check out the luxurious pads of your favorite deities, coming up NEXT!

Deity #1 – “WHAT UP MTV CRIBS!!!!!!!! Welcome to the home of the Deistical Dudes RIGHT HERE in OUTER SPACE, LIVE from the Sun!”

Deity #2 – “Dang… Earth to Sun is a LONG haul, how long it take ya’ll to get out here?”

MTV Reporter – 212 days, and that was with hyper drive

Deity #4 “WOW, I know ya’ll hungry, right? Come on in, let us show you how we live inside our crib, inside YOUR sunlight, YA’LL means of heat, energy, and light”

(Camera A – zooming around the sun, lots of oranges, yellows, whites, and reds everywhere)

(Camera B – The amount of heat that is exuding from the lenses in infrared, purple everywhere)

(Camera C – The slow-mo frame of the Deities playing around the crib)

Deity #3 – “As you can see, it is HOT out here.”

Deities 1, 2, and 4 – “THANK YOU EARTHLINGS FOR STOPPING BY!! Safe travels back to EARTH!”


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