Hyper-Hypothetical: America – Land of Prosperous Imagination, Rendered By Hatred

Now, it could be the music I am listening to, and the overall vibe that it is setting within the studio, but I feel this way about this country and the races and religions that make it what it is.

I see two issues within the land of the free, which (sadly) affects the world overall.

1. religion
2. race

Something about these two characteristics of our planet just sit on my mind all the time.

For reasons beyond my being, or maybe I am obsessed with this idea.

Either way, this land is to advanced to stay remaining in the backyard on mental mindset and understanding of ourselves in accordance to this planet and these two enterprises (Which one is man-made, the other is under natural control, but still has man made control)

Perhaps these two entities are meant to forever be opponents within a land so free, never open to seeing and understanding that each of our lives are important to the foundation of this land, as well as the planet.

Just sucks to see that we have so much that could make our world stronger, but were busy hating on stupid ass characteristics that SEEM to be forever lodged into the banks of our mental perceptions.


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