Spiritual Capital: Earth, Imagination, and Creativity for Humanity

As humans of Earth – should we thank mother Earth for her gifts, talents, and blessings that occur on this planet every day?

Even if one does not believe in the Deistical dudes, you still have to credit your overall inner being and spirit to something, right?

Seems like that is the physical foundation to all Earthly humans on this planet.

You have this endless, vast, limitless mind to create and discover new things, for yourself and for our planet, it seems what we do – as far as man-made entities in this man-made Kingdom are concerned – either HELPS this planet for the better (physically, mentally, and spiritually) or harms it from the production of our natural evolutionary progress.

Who knows, we could already have a planet entirely running off of the paradigm that being eco-friendly and environmentally friendly is law. Damaging the environment that we all share, live off of, breathe within, grow foods and acquire proper medicines is seen as antagonistic attitude towards the planet, or something.

Theoretical Imagination.


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