Hyper-Hypothesis: [Earth] Religious Entity?

NO matter your race, region, or relation, you are a part of the system that is Religious Earth.

What is that, Matthew?

Well, Religious Earth is the idea that Earth (within this Solar System) is designed by a set of beliefs or codes of operation, Earth is a part of a system that is of higher religious operation.

We could understand this as science, right? Like science is the “Holy Word” of the operation of Earth.

Consider the following – to an artist, their religion is their devout practice to their creativity and their works, right?. To the parents of the world, the catering and caring for their children is their religious practice – in which the parent could be seen as a Deistical figure for the child – right? Wrong? Maybe?

To the teachers and professors of the world, they are in a way, educational evangelists – providing the knowledge of the present world for operating within it. Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering, History, the Arts, Philosophy, and Politics, these foundations are what make our kingdom inside of a kingdom what it is today.

To find that deeper meaning of the planet, and their realm of spiritual occupancy, that requires one to search within the soul and the universe of existence.



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