[YOUR DEISTICAL DUDE HERE] Please, Do Not Flush Earth


It rained here at the office.

I was playing this tune as the rain increased and decreased it’s downpour.

I thought of the Deistical Dudes, and their / our planet. How the rains can come and go, washing away the vibe of moments past, for a brighter display.

Yes, the operation of the planet in accordance to the blueprint of the fabric of nature are not in-sync with the overall projection of human emotion, but we are a species of trial and error, looking to find the ways of your operations, your meaning, and your purpose. Even though we turn this information around for the exploitation of money, power, and control over this m.m.K., the species as a whole is not all about that life.

About 8 billion or so human Earthlings occupying this planet, not ALL of the Earthlings are looking to destroy the planet’s environment, knowledge infrastructure, and spiritual connection that has been playing a part of our everyday lives.

We may think we have it under control, (then again, we might have – looking at the state of our current disposition of technological achievements), but nothing is final in the vastness that is the Universe of the maternal womb.



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