Theoretical Imagination: What I View


All theoretical. Simply Imagination.

Basically, this is a bit personal to type up. I can see both paradigms of our cultures outlook being a part of the society.

You have the left side who is PRO environment, all about preserving our land, the knowledge of the land, our ties to the land, ourselves, the spiritual repercussions that come along with living among it, as well as our direct link to figuring out the systems of the planet that cater or hinder our advancement of the collective culture.


On the right, we have, what “booger” calls, the “capitalistic contraption”. We have vital resources, information, products of the land and the environment all throughout the diverse regions of the world, but the collective paradigm at the moment is focused on trying to make that dollar dollar bill from it.

Earth, will continue to run around and evolve in the proper fashions as she does. We see what happened to the dinosaurs, and now look at our world.

Earth will forever be fine as long as she has light and heat.


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