Hyper-Hypothesis: [Underground Universe]

The Underground Universe is the idea that EVERY solution, answer, and final product for fixing, curing, and aiding an existing problem that involves this planet, DOES exist and is ready to be found, discovered, or invented.

WE just have to “find the route” to make it so.


Basically, this is the white market of the black market world. Not many people know about it, it is very low key, a lot of positives reside here that can fix the planet’s problems, cure a lot of diseases, fix obesity, the list goes on and on.

The overall theme of this underground economy is that it has not been mainstream, but a lot of your daily products that have transformed your way of life were once introduced here.

I see the Underground Universe like this, there are specialists that reside here. Some have the keys to the worlds problems of today, and can fix a lot of the mess that is going on – physically, mentally, and spiritually – among us humans.

Solar panels? Born in the U.U.
Henry Ford’s Model T? Born in the U.U.
Modern Medicine discovered by scientists? (U.U.)
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? (U.U.)
The idea for a lot of what we have today – technology, mechanics, computers, software, religion (tricky subject), philosophy* ?

Quite possibly could have started in the U.U.

The thing is, it is an underground system that must be researched, discovered, invented into reality, or innovated from previous endeavors.

Our Imagination will get us where we need to go to make it happen.

Makes me wonder what else is down there that can help this planet prosper in the proper productions.

(PERHAPS – Your Imagination is the direct link to the Deistical Dudes communication service that allows for these ideas, products, and cures?)

But what do we know, this is merely a hypothesis to the world that you are living in.

Thank you for reading, though.


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