Hyper-Hypothesis: (Imagination) Paging Higher Channels

If someone blocks you from thinking, imagining, being optimistic, pushing negativity towards you, remaining curious about a subject (especially if you are ULTRA- Passionate about it), or down right opposite of how you FEEL – leave them be, Please.

Think about this – what if the imagination IS the way to focusing on the deities, the truth of existence, the overall manners of how we flow and vibe?

It could be.

A lot of the machines, technologies, and ways of life that surround you required some TYPE of imagination to bring into existence.

We all have this power, this trait, this DIVINE extension telephone number to the spirit of our existence.

If ever in question, please call 1-900-IMA-GINE. Again, that is

Creative controllers and assistants are standing by to aid your calls in the proper channels for imaginative insights and inquiries.


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