Earth [The Product], Humans [The Accessories]

If Earth is a product, we Humans (earthlings) are the accessories?

If the universe is a product, then the galaxies are accessories?

If your country is the product, are you, your neighbors, and strangers the accessories?


(Think of your mobile phone – THE product. Your screen shield, shell cover, these are THE accessories)

Living within this man-made Kingdom among you all on Earth, we are definitely operating within a product. A product of cultures, philosophies, and ideals. But, the one idea that seems to affect us the most is the art of being on this planet, together, sharing ways of our lives, and the fuel of life that has ignited our being.

We live on Earth, and this is all of our product. As far as the m.m.K goes, that varies.

But, it is a part of our entire global existence, now. Could / should it be altered and fixed to aid us humans, our spirit, and our overall outlook on this planet?

I think it can. But I believe it should.

Are we to ignore the global product that is Earth, and ourselves being the accessories of it, for aiding it, sustaining it, and protecting it?

**** NO!


3 thoughts on “Earth [The Product], Humans [The Accessories]

    • Sir Carl, any comment that you leave for us has its own power and presence about it…. IN a positive way, of course – (to weird to think that?)

      I thank you for your comment. Yes, I guess this could be viewed and read as a different style of thinking….

      The thing is, every human that is in living existence of this planet has this power of imagination – the divine performance chip that connects them to their own spiritual dimension.

      The crazy part about it is, I feel they are actual paradigms that are either lacking, missing, or straight up neglected within our Earthly existence.

      Again, I thank you for your kind words, Carl.

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