Theoretical ImagiNATION: New Clear Energy (World-Wide)

Artistic theoretical imagination at its finest.

Location: Immediately to your right, on that shiny thing that could be a light, but it really a reflection.

(Look closely, you can see me waving at you cheerfully, but with force – back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…………..)

WELCOME. Earthlings.

The title is correct, this is a theory to a new form of New Clear Energy.

Imaginative Energy – 100% clean, 100% sustainable, 100% original.

When I see a problem, I try to look at all of the pieces, and then from there, put together a positive solution that can benefit the situation for the better. (THIS APPLIES TO ALL NATIONS WHO IMAGINE)

Looking around this World Wide Web, I am not the only one. I see highly skilled technicians, scientists, theorists of our planet, and engineers working THEIR ASSES OFF to find the solution to the issue that is within their given field of expertise. (THIS ALSO APPLIES TO ALL NATIONS WHO IMAGINE)

It really makes my heart feel SO much better. Seriously. When you think of how FUCKED up this planet is, on various levels, scales, classes, and cultures, finding something that our planet can use for the EMPOWERMENT and beneficial use for us ALL really adds a bit of optimism to my demeanor.

It is like solar powered machines that will run off of cleaner energy, instead of harming the planet with pollution from gasoline to power these land beasts.

You see a negative, find a truth to “repair” the negative, and in the end, you have a positive New Clear Energy idea or proposal.

CAN your planet shift from “HARM” to “HELP” mode, spiritually?


All theoretical, though.



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