Hyper-Hypothetical: Earth, Imagination, and Your Senses

If you missed part 1, you can check it out here:

Now, let us begin on this hyper-hypothesis:

I am a fan of this planet. I am. This planet is magical, ya’ll.

I can smell the scents that are produced in nature and the various locations nature calls home.

I can see *historical* landscapes and scenery that has been around for us to take in physically (being there LIVE) or through means of technology (you have to love this age of social media).

I can hear the sounds that the various animals and critters make within this realm that is “nature”.

Now, does this require imagination, to understand and comprehend these various divine technologies of our natural world?

I think so.

How many of you out there in the World Wide Web acquire inspiration and motivation from these three aspects (whether experiencing these LIVE or through technological means)?

Various blogs that I follow do this for me. With their imagination of taking photos of nature that is around them, once shared on the World Wide Web, this seasons my imagination, in various ways:

(I wonder why this plant is a part of nature)
(WHY is this plant here?)
(Could this plant be used to cure obesity?)
(IF you bred this plant with a dandelion, what would be their product?)
(Is it POSSIBLE to breed “SUPER PLANTS” within nature?)
(Did you know that you can “acquire” a plant patent for a new kind of self-sustaining specie of plant?)

This list goes on and on with the breakdown of how we derived with our current reality of what and how things are.

(This can go A LOT deeper than what is presented)

All together now – 1 and-ah 2, and-ah:



3 thoughts on “Hyper-Hypothetical: Earth, Imagination, and Your Senses

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  2. Unfortunately far to many with the means to develop and research are driven by a dynamic that says “how can I exploit the resource for profit?” They have no regard for consequences.

    • I feel you, Carl. I worry everyday, thinking about the situations of the planets direction.

      (could some be valid?)
      (are they all imagination?)

      Either way, you are correct. The pimping of physical proponents of humans and the environment are a bit ‘lost’ on a collective scale.

      I thank you for your comment.

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