Create a City: Harsh Reality Challenge (Part 2)

Solar System Ocho Flag (example 2)


{Static on the screen breaks into superior definition 45×5 angle 3-D media graphic visual of a planet just outside of the Milky Way galaxy}

[Welcome to planet Q-8]





Welcome spacelings, I am Yemassee, your tour guide, cosmic chauffeur, and historian of this wonderful city, Q-8.

This planet came to be approximately 9.4 billion (Earth)years ago, when a comet carrying a very stable, intelligent colony of organisms landed in the heart of Q-8’s water supply. These organisms adapted rather quickly, restoring the land that was damaged by their comet, even building from the remains of the comet in order to prolong life.

“If you look to your left, you can see the actual hole where the comet landed. This area is now our botanical garden for housing the foods that can be preserved and stored while in intergalactic flights to and from the Andromeda galaxy.”

We enjoy the art and divine sciences to better understand ourselves, as well as where we want to go with our collective future. Since everyone within the city of Q-8 has the limitless gene from our ancient ancestors, we strive to maintain the intellectual, spiritual, and communal aspect of our way of life.

“If you haven’t notice, our city’s logo, our planet, and motto are posted up almost everywhere. We embrace the creative artists who dare to dream, and envision even BETTER innovations for our town and the world, which is why all artists of the city who do share their talents and works with the town have what we call, Bread and Butter. The City is the “bread”, artists who wish to “give it some flavor” are the “butte”r. This tradition and artistic alliance has been the foundation to much of our town’s success.”

Q-8 is a 96.3 % self-sustaining city. Everything that is created by us is reused, rewashed, realigned, reshaped, or returned back to our planet. We believe that everything is a part of a bigger operation, one that will only help or harm our collective existence.

“If you look to the right, you will see the cities University campus, research facilities, engineering studio, recycling centers, solar farm, water hydration and filtration testing center, and in the far back corner, you will can see the campus launch pad for space flight testing. Yes people, we take outer space travel very serious here.”


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