Create a City: Harsh Reality Challenge (Part 1)

Sir “Cushman” and his team of harsh reality specialists have introduced a challenge for the WordPress community yet again.

Since this being NAME News first attempt at a W.P. challenge, we feel it is best to take this seriously as it could make for future adventure and presentation.


Solar System “Ocho Cinco Cinco”

This solar system is compiled of 8 wonderful planets, specialized with HIGH interests of interplanetary communion, cooperation, and creative continuation for the progress existence that has evolved (and still evolving) for us all.

Knowledge, technology, the arts, philosophy, science, engineering, mathematics, with a focus and civic duty in the environment all comprise of Ocho Cinco Cinco’s Solar Systematic Treaty of the Federation of Creation.

All 8 planets meet within each planet monthly for collaborative discussion, headlines, new research, technologies, and revelations that all 8 planets share in divine cooperation among one another – one that we humans do that have any control over…… just yet.


Solar System Ocho Flag (


9 thoughts on “Create a City: Harsh Reality Challenge (Part 1)

    • When I read the words of articles from HR studios, I can imagine several “writers” within that dude’s mind – AKA Harsh Reality.

      Yes, it may be ‘one dude’, but this dude have a mind FULL of personality writers and their respected offices.

      Yes, there are two (not one, but two) auxiliary desks for outside guests bloggers and writers to do their thing.

      Therefore, you have Sir Cushman and “the Specialists”.

      (If he ever starts a band – This is their name)

      • I only gave rec when recognition is due. Dude is holding it down on his own at alarming rates (as well as several others via the World Wide Web – and they are all wonderful for doing so)

        Sir Cushman and the Specialists is a cool tag (I thought of at the time) to open up this article’s challenge, that is all.

        *Round of applause to you*. “I remember your work.”


        (just kidding)

      • I wouldn’t bother responding to random people like her. You do good things for other bloggers and they then bash you as soon as they can. It is pretty pathetic actually. I do appreciate the kind words Namenews. 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Thank you for taking part in the challenge. I found the comment section the most interesting and it shows another example of why I don’t do “guest authors” anymore. Some bloggers can be so ungrateful and petty with their jealousy. I appreciate your kind words in defense. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

  2. A newcomer to American Top Forty, coming in at number twenty-seven with a bullet is Sir Cushman And The Specialists with their first US single, “Shadows In The Moonlight”!

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