Hyper-Hypothetical: Earth Without Imagination

Simply a hypothesis

Could Mother Earth, Miss, “self sustaining for 14 billion years” and STILL running strong, continue her operations as a “special planet” within this solar system without IMAGINATION?


Of course she could – she has been doing her thing WAY before the human software program was implemented into this planet’s evolutionary existence.

(It is our human world that would not be able to continue our technological advancements and achievements without it)

After thinking about it, I would say about 90% of the things we have today within this kingdom inside of a kingdom type of existence would not be here today.

From the cars we drive, the food we can easily warm up in these table-top ovens, the clothes that are becoming easily designed and distributed, the buildings that we are configuring and constructing, these “drinks” and energy supplements we are consuming, the advertising and their tools for display, that factory that you work inside of, these texts books, those pens, paints, and overhead projectors, the continuous innovations of the sports merchandise that are heavily produced throughout the world, and this list can ramble on, but I think you can feel a visual here. (If not, leave that note below)

Without a human being, within this planet, having the insight, curiosity, informative idea, and imagination to create the THING that was within their mind for creating, our world would NOT be in the form it is now – which could be a positive viewpoint depending on who are asking. You know, maybe less pollution, trash, damaging of the planet and ourselves, but all in all, it is apart of the planet, and a part of our way of life. (Which thousands are still looking and researching for solutions – continue doing ya thang!)

Could this be applied to the Deistical Dudes of our planet?

More to come.



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