Theoretical Imagination: The Hot High Rise

Simply theoretical. All Imagination.

If your deity occupied the sun, would this be the morning alarm for your soul, your spirit, that your deity has blessed you with the touch of solar signals to let you know that you are special, you are in this present moment right now, and you are loved.

As you drive, ride, roll, skate, or pedal your way to your days destination, you are in visual and mental company of your deity.

Now, could this mean, the world would be more ‘tolerant’ towards each other, from the spiritual / religious perspective?

All sharing in this divine energy, spiritual harmony, and mindset that the energy of life that is flowing through you, is also shared with those around you, as well as this planet that we all are a part of?

I would like to think so.




3 thoughts on “Theoretical Imagination: The Hot High Rise

    • Ancient? Or just forgotten about? When applying the power of the sunlight to the entire world’s existence, as one “Wifi” connection, for example, it shifts the cultural perspective a bit….. at least it did for me.

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