Theoretical Imagination: Deistical Doubts

Simply Theoretical. All Imagination.

NO! I am not knocking your deity of choice.
NO! I am not saying that your deity doubted this evolutionary existence.

I just wonder if the Creator ever had doubts when constructing this magnificent software program we call, ‘Universe’ – (Which reminds me, I need to finish the dissertation paper to Intelligent Programming)

Anyway, what if each galaxy that is within our visible (and unseen) universe is merely a continuous project, being operated and controlled by powers and forces that exceed human comprehension? Like, (if you follow any of NASA’s social media platforms) we are viewing and discovering some powerful evidence and artistic interpretations of planets and regions of the universe that are happening (and have been happening) right now.

It is like living in your present city, and looking out to see OTHER towns and cities, but cannot adventure there – being so far away.

Our minds are too amazing to not evolve within this Earthly software program.

Coming up next: What if the Deities lived in the Sun?


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