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1. Letter to the ‘Reader’

2. Science Voyages in a Religious Paradigm

3. Small Areas of History That Fuels My Spirit for a Better Tomorrow

4. Living in a Solar Sanctuary

5. Can Modern Religions Survive in a Cosmic Society?

6. Letter to the National Endowment for the Humanities

7. Creative University Earthlings Philosophers Find Religious Element within All Religions

8. The Religion That I Want

9. [mmK] and the Planet Earth

10. CUE Philosophy / Theology Department: The Creation of Creation

11. Mother Earth: “The Mechaneu Project”

12. Mankind’s Next Evolutionary Phase: Earthly Creations for Innovative Sharing

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Letter to the ‘Reader’

Letter to the Reader:

I use the word, ‘reader’, in the context that one may read this stations articles for the entertainment, mocking, or down right bashing purposes of what we are representing. So, whatever your reasons for reading, this is for you.

We struggling with content to provide you. We will be honest. Working among veterans who are well read within the feeds and readers, you can only take notes as they come, and hope you can replay these ideas for something useful to you, our reader.

With a habit of note taking ideas on a daily basis, we want to express ideas and new visions of a world that is within reach, as well as behind a divine horizon.

We love you for reading this and we thank you for stopping in on us from time to time. (you know who you are)


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Science Voyages in a Religious Paradigm

Science Voyages

I purchased this CLASSIC science book from a convenience store for 2 dollars. The inside cover pages mentions that the book is for 6th grade education. It also says inside of the cover, BMS Sugar Bears. So, whatever middle school this book belongs to, I am the owner of book 456.

Now, since having this book around, I had a thought, what if the educational books of the planet never we’re revised or updated to fit the modern times they were apart of?

What would American society be like? What would YOUR society look like?

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Small Areas of History That Fuels My Spirit for a Better Tomorrow

Here are three examples of historical motivations for a positive tomorrow.

– The post modern ideals that were shunned in the past regarding science, philosophies of the Earth, the moon, the sun, our cultural study, and humans technological reality of understanding.

– The fact women were treated under par in a male dominated culture from voting, working, cultural aspects of society that dealt with family and the public sector.

– Minorities (including humans of the majority who fought against the oppression’s of society) who were not viewed as humans within their culture.

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Living in a Solar Sanctuary

With all of the events that are going on in the planet, this high amount of turmoil, useless *********** turmoil, it is clear to me that we are under battle.

The wicked of the world versus the natural order of OUR* planet

If Earth, *our* home planet, is the divine order of operation for our everyday lives, then, we obviously have not understood the orders of the ways that the planet works together in divine like patterns for our benefit.

I have ALWAYS heard in the SoBap (Southern Baptist) environments, that “’GAWWDDD’, gives us free will…..” over and over again.

IF this is true, then we must have an order that is higher than ourselves, to help us understand these processes and procedures of how to live, collectively, divinely, and spiritually, within this planet.

(Look around you, people. New ideas and technologies are flourishing all around you…. have been flourishing all around you, and this is only the start)

The divine paradigm of humanity on this planet will be back, living in the synchronicity of the laws of nature, and the patterns of environmental blueprints which will aid, sustain, and benefit the cause of the human reality, the natural environmental reality, while praising the divine solar existence that made this evolutionary process possible.

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Can Modern Religions Survive in a Cosmic Society?

I do not think so. When you have a group of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhists, etc. all in a room, what happens if a specific deity is said to be better than the rest? Would they talk it out friendly? Would they begin battle? Or would these humans come together and understand that no matter where or who they are, worshipped, or prayed to, the common thread of communicative intentions are all the same way for them all, I would think.

If these five humans (of different religious backgrounds) are standing in a field of a beautiful landscape, do they not all see this natural artwork before them that was NOT handcrafted by mortal hands? Do they not all feel the breeze of the land that circles them? Are they not all sharing in this experience together, in a moment that is divinely happening (to those five humans) right now?

What about the cosmos, are they not all occupying within the same realm of an oxygen-less environment, no gravity, and the endless blanket of a darkness that could fuel any imagination?

Does the entire paradigm of these religions become unimportant, or insufficient to the ways of the Universe and their cosmic reality of living?

This is when Earth has a new outlook.

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