Theoretical Imagination: Religion Compass

Simply theoretical. All imagination.



There is SO much building up within me. Most of my days consist of me just simply skatin through the office and warehouse, picking papers from bins and folders for EIGHT HOURS. I have now become so accustomed to this routine, I merely operate in a low-mentality phase-state, letting my mind and imagination drift off into the hills and valleys of a planet of peace, or some kind of solid foundation which I can find spiritual happiness.

It would be nice to have a religious home, one where I can find some sort of stability, but I simply cannot find myself to merely “choosing” one on a whim.

It will feel so spiritually wrong for me.

I am not perfect, nor has that left my vocals or fingers, but I do hold the belief and passion that our planet needs that “Spiritual RE-Configuration”. For ourselves, this planet, and the future we are “wishing” to have living here.

Religions Compass. I think of a compass and you have several different routes that are indicated for you in which you can travel.


Spiritual arguments that have been around since these sects were brought about, have they ever attempted to settle this madness – we are improving physically (WORLD-WIDE) through the men and women of this planet, but yet, our spiritual selves are STILL in chaos? The actual reality of the relationship to the Earth and the universe are everywhere, we share it.

No matter where I am, when I look up, I see the reality of a pure, magical, and uncharted harmonized kingdom.


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