C.U.E. Paper: The Spirit is an Astronaut

Creative University of Earthlings

    The Spirit is an Astronaut

Retort in Support of an Astronautical Spirit – No matter your race, region, or religion.


An astronaut is defined as, ‘one that is trained to make flights into outer space’.

The spirit is everything. Once the female and male of reproduction team together, the spirit (we will call Ron) has begun it’s nine month journey of life within its soon-to-be (physical) mother. During these nine months, Ron will be inside of this womb, developing his own unique ‘Earth suit’.

Once Ron has entered into this reality from the womb, this is where he begins his very own journey of development and research for this planet.

Ron is now evolving with this new suit, living, breathing, walking, creating CO^2 to inhale oxygen from the plants around him, while maintaining hydration, proper dieting, and resting when the suit needs a break.

Ron is like a new astronaut that has made his way to the moon, this newly discovered place, still looking to find out what it means, what it is about, or even WHY it is here to begin with. This is how Earth works for the spirit. The suit is your shell, while you operate it as your spiritual self.

Here on Earth, Ron is not the only entity that is sharing this experience around him. Ron sees animals and insects as well. These environmental critters possess the astronautical spirit, they just happen to be within a different suit for operating on Earth.

Whether these naturally environmental (non man-made) entities have skin, fur, feathers, or a shell, they merely have their very own unique suit for this planet. Living, breathing, thinking, acting, processing, understanding, and surviving just as the human-animal (you and I) does everyday, our unique Earth suits are the moon suits of the planet, being within the existence of the solar system (space).


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