The Earth and the “Mod”

Look around you people.

This is no longer Earth.

Welcome to the Planet of Evolution.

Everything around us is changing. Naturally. Through processes we control. Things are changing.

Some of these are positive. Others, not so much.

Our understanding of this present technological existence is really old.

It was being crafted and tested probably ten years ago.

What we see today is merely child’s play. Literally.

The devices and tools that are surpassing consumer expectation are what the elementary kids are functioning with for toys and learning entertainment.

The only downside – our planet cannot remain functioning on principals that neglect our role as a part of the planet, our influence on the environment, as well as each other.

It is going to be a sad day on planet Modify when the resources for positive will be left alone because of new ideas.

In short, the evolution of cultural perspective of the planet, the people, and the environment we all occupy will be held back from a chance at a peaceful, sustainable planet – physically and (mentally = spiritually).


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