Mother Earth: Castle of Creation

Comments from yesterday’s tour:

Wife: “That was such a lovely tour by that ‘funk-a-fied’ fellow.

Husband: “It’s, ‘FUNK-a-delic’, sweetheart.”

Ah yes, Mother Earth. The one room castle. Equipped with every need an original human could survive with.

Our modi-culture has laid foundation to modern man’s attempt to dominate, control, and conquer her artistry through imitation.

This is how existence works?

I am all for improving this planet, but damn, how can we improve when we cannot understand it….

on a WORLD-WIDE STAGE perspective?

This world-wide culture is built around the idea that divine dudes handcrafted our planet out of nothing, but why are the (mental = spiritual) times still lacking and outdated?

What needs to be done? What needs to happen to SHIFT this planet’s global perception of ourselves into higher levels of appreciation?

If the spirit of the day was like our idea of technology, it would be a like having a sun dial, or an abacus.

When are we switching to the calculator?


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