Earth’s Pulse: Sounds, Snares, and Strings


There is no greater sensation than having a style of music that touches your soul, PUMPING and COURSING through your audio canal.

I wonder if this is how Earth feels as she does her thing around this universe – in constant motivation mode. Having her own personal soundtrack on repeat for amplifying this environment. She is alive.

Rock, gospel, hip-hop, blues, r&b, country, jazz, instrumental, we have hundreds of genres (or damn near close to it) that label a specific “style” or ‘sound’ for these masters of music.

But guess what, though – [whispers] T they all push the same agenda. To move your spirit, to lift your soul, and feed you monumental musical motivation. FACT!

THIS IS A FORMULA. Some kind of system, a tapped program of synchronized selection. Somehow, some way, music is the fluid in the vein of OUR planet.

I personally would like to thank all of the gods, their gods, and their gods for the power of music and allowing it to maintain in a presence that is NOT racist, regionist, religionist, sexist, and any other “ist” that would hinder the power of music from human appreciation.


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