Milky Way Realty

Welcome, Welcome, all of you to Milky Way Realty. I am your neighborhood Realtor, Sebastian Funkadelic, and we will be touring the System that has no name, but has been called simply, “the solar system”.

(Yes, I agree, we should declare a name for this womb, but anyways, on with the tour!)

If you look to your northwest, you see the Planet Earth.

This one room castle sits only THREE clicks away from the local energy station, making everything that you need regarding heat, electric, lighting, and all of your physical and spiritual ‘wireless’ needs in one convenient location.

Security is always on hand, with the moon always in watchful eye of the planet, protecting the shores, waterways, and all of your nocturnal species of the night.

For more information on this castle of the solar, visit our website @ 5-MilkyWayReal.universe/EarthCastle

It has been a pleasure providing this tour for you all.

I am Sebastian Funkadelic, don’t get sunburned.

Milky Way Realty. 2014.


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