I am Open

I was asked this several times last week, by random strangers online and also during a chat with an associate.

MY answer is always the same,

“I am not sure”, or, “I do not follow a specific denomination”.

Living within the Bible belt, USA, I have encountered several humans from all different perspectives of religions that work (and have been working) for them spiritually.

At this point in our planetary society, I feel that we have not expanded the imagination of what these deities TRULY mean.

To have such a POWERFUL impact within our planet, from all walks of life, cultures, and regions, we limit these deities to minimal HUMAN aspects of understanding that affect our planet as a whole.

How can we devote such time, effort, and resources to understanding this planet forwards, backwards, inside, and outside, but cannot piece the puzzle of our planets production of the “human” spirit?

With so many denominations and sub-sections within denominations,

My religion is open.

I am open to hear about your experiences, your view of our world as a whole, our society, the culture, and the ways to improve it. We all share this planet, right? The Mission should be to protect and advance ourselves in positive manners.

When looking at this land from an aerial view, your deity made this landscape happen – through the long and strenuous application called evolution. That is fact.

Either all of these dudes took part in this amazing self-sustaining sculpture we call Earth, or they didn’t.

This is how I feel about what I cannot fully understand.


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