Creativity Without Cannabis: Sky Child


“HEYYYY!!!!! Watch where you are walking, dude. You almost crushed my bike.”

“DAMN, boy you surely are eating your vegetables and vitamins.”

“What sport do you want to play? Where you go, we will have to modify you a jersey.”

“If you jump, does your head reach outer space?”

“AHHHHH, ITS TODD-ZILLA! QUICK! Someone play Sesame Street’s Theme Song”

This was fun.

On the real though, I look at this dude, and just think, like, what IF this kid was really like a human “Clifford, The Big Red Dog?” Like, we can’t keep this kid outside in the shed like that.

WE would have to teach him with billboards and MEGA-Mega jumbo trons.

His Mother and Father must be LITERALLY out of this world. We are his planet-sitters.


I would TRULY hate to see this kid in science labs for the rest of his life, too. THAT would really hurt.

I bet he could ‘sweep’ away tornadoes and dive right into hurricanes without a problem.

When he turns 21, he works for the International Commission for Aeronautical Discovery.


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