C.U.E. Debate “Humans are Plants?”

Divinely crafted in the womb that is Mother Earth, inside of HER Mother’s womb we call the Milky Way, the humans of this planet are plants.

Plants need:
1. Earth
2. water
3. Sun

Humans need:
1. Earth
2. water
3. Sun

As we both (humans and plants) revolve with the planet, we grow, and we wither.

Plants can be controlled for specific reasons within their designated environments, and can be crossbred and mixed with other strains of plants, just as us humans can and do as well within any culture. I think when plants are apart of this genetic creativity, it is used for enhancing the plant to be stronger? More potent in its natural resource?

The only thing that separates us, humans are naturally mobile.

(Well, if you have mobile flower pots for your plants, does that mean you can travel with them as well? Making them mobile just like a human?)

They even pass themselves down in the form of seeds that can be replanted for new plants.

More notes needed for this Ethnobotany example…..


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