Eden’s Garden: A Fast Food and Pharmaceutical Factory?


I am not pointing fun or making jokes at anyone with this article, because my diet only consists of PB&J sandwiches and salads, but the current state of food and pharmacy are two enterprises that seem to change weekly.

With countless reports on foods that are cloned, re-reproduced (yea, that’s right), filled with ‘fillers’, and made from artificial ingredients, to medicines that are providing minimal to no significant aid in various ailments and “ouchies”, I feel sad about the current condition that is sweeping our land regarding the two means of living that matter to our planetary health.

Have we forgotten our natural methods of environmental herbs and medicine? Living on a planet that is it’s own self sustaining medical facility, various humans are seeing and feeling the significant results of ‘traditional’ methods of feeding and healing themselves and their families.

Although, the times have definitely changed (and still are changing) the advantages of modern medicine’s technology and understanding will help in finding exclusive methods of healing that will lead the art of ethnobotany within the global spotlight.


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