Earth: The Shipyard of the Solar System?

(CUE HORN SOUND HERE)…………………………………………………….


Alright, now that I have your attention, Welcome aboard the Planet Earth. I am Manager of tours, and I will be showing you around this fine and divine piece of cosmic construction.

Maybe another day.

But seriously though, Earth – could she be the only docking planet within the cosmic shipyard on this solar system?

Being constantly worked on by the hands of the universe and the human-hands of mankind, Mother Earth is always, ALWAYS in some sort of ‘fix-er-upper’ project.

Seasonal changes, to mankind changes to the weather, evolving new species to man attempting to clone them, the day Earth sets out for adventure into the black waves of the universe will be a fine day for research and discovery.

(Or we continue using our fantastic scientists and astronauts for missions into space while continuing operations on Earth as “HQ”)


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