Mother Earth, Can You Help Me?

Of course she can. She can do amazing things for her children inside of her womb.

She can sustain life, provide you food, shelter, clothing, but more importantly,


This planet was awesome before mankind’s attempt at being “baby daddy”.

You know what I mean. Trying and testing various methods and models at being the chief models for healing. In which you have done well in some departments, but others are left behind, of the critical situations.

Earth can / could provide proper and enough vegetables and fruits for maintaining healthy figures, and yet here we are with hunger epidemics and water scarcity in our forgotten villages of the world.

Man-made kingdom within Earth has made positive strides in certain areas, you can not knock that. But, the neglecting actions of our Divinely-made kingdom and her operating ways needs to come back.

The entire planet as a whole needs her understanding – if in fact the gods of worship are the chiefs of this planet, shouldn’t we do BETTER in protecting it, to better protect ourselves as an Earth-like family?

Mother Earth, we need your help.


One thought on “Mother Earth, Can You Help Me?

  1. Thank you for this post and having such amazing internal connections to source…

    Mother Earth ..I say thank-you…you have cried many tears…and yet keep loving us
    Heart to heart Robyn

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