Kicking the Deities in the “Planets”

Look, we share this planet.


We know that we need this planet in order to be in this existence.


Ignoring that we humans are a part of this planet, as a group of “fans” at a rock show, or a collective crowd listening to a speaker from a pulpit, is wrong?

Also Fact.

It is true. We need this planet just as much as we need oxygen and sunlight and food for nutrients.

But hey, no one cares.

If we TRULY, TRUUUUUUUULY did think and believe that this planet is crafted for us, made for life in this universe, etc. etc. etc. would we really treat it this way?

I see it like this, Earth is a present from a VERY wealthy existence beyond our means.

Kind of like receiving a brand new house, which was passed down from generations LONG ago.

We should be taught and educated that this house is all of ours, together. All of these rooms and windows, we must take care of, together. Maintaining this house for the better, for everyone’s sake should be objective one – motivated by the power that allowed it to be so.

Your deity that you praise, this planet is a present, to us all.


Destroying it is like spitting in the face of your Deity.


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