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I am one of many bloggers that reside on your man-made grid, inside of your man-made kingdom, Matthew Johnson.

Have you ever had a thought, like, “I think I want to help make the planet a better place”, and then realize that it is HIGHLY tough to do so?

Maybe the funding was not there, or the interest clubs and groups just really do not want to make the planet (as a whole) something that it ORIGINALLY was – before the evolution of man-kind kindly (with force) made their entrance so boldly.


This quote really makes me think,

“Oh, they were really ahead of their time”.

I think of all of histories humans that were dubbed this, and I wonder, were they really “ahead”, or was the culture that they were involved in just ‘behind’?

Example: Mr. Nikola Tesla.

Dude was a BEAST with the energy efficient ideas and strategies, but his modern day just was not having it.

But, now today, we see a growing supply and addition to the man-made grid of his ideas being used within the economy.

Thanks, Nikola!


My final thought – If it does not make a select realm of the culture a planet load of money, it will not be used for making the planet a better place.

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