Destroying Our Deity

We have stated this opinion over and over and over again. This planet is all that we have, all that we can USE for the research and discovery of our existence being inside of this solar systematic womb that surrounds us.

Mental concepts of WHO or WHAT designed this planet have drawn me thin. Constantly thinking of ways or solutions to finding a common bond of this planet, it seems damn near impossible. The religious route seemed to be the BEST way of approaching this UNIVERSAL problem, but it has only shown us that this is where the clashing is the heaviest.

If a religious ideal is apart of your everyday life, cool. If not, that is cool as well.

The fact WILL FOREVER remain, that no matter what the hell your beliefs are, it all boils down to the SINGLE fact, that without Earth, we would have nothing.

Understanding the planet is understanding your deity. Confusion and clashing of who is right, or how we started here is becoming thin. What matters now, is how to make this planet last and operate within her original guidelines.

Without Earth, you have no Deities.

((Just because Earth does not exist, does that mean life in this universe – other planets, comets, asteroids, etc – would not exist as well?))


6 thoughts on “Destroying Our Deity

    • I never understand when it is applied. Have you made sarcasm a part of your routine, or something? (just wondering)

      I thank you for reading and browsing our studio.


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