Theoretical Imagination: 7,926 Miles of Diametrical Data (Earth)

Simply theoretical, purely imagination.

The Blue Marble


I am the news studios most annoying blogger (aka ‘booger’), Matthew Johnson.

MOTHER EARTH! She is an amazing piece of work, a sophisticated program of technology and operational processes.

We humans attain and acquire EVERYTHING from her womb. From

Clothing: “OOOOOO, JCPenny has a sale going on?”
Medicine: “You mean to tell me, I can grow this sh*t in my OWN backyard?”
food: “Farming – the REAL American Hustle”

I BOLDY say that our “Original” original origins of ancestry (those who developed the land mammals and reptiles that roam before you today) once began from the land and the oceans millions of years ago.

So, why wouldn’t the knowledge, information, and understanding all come from the Earth as well? Our more recent – than stated above – ancestors who developed the love of the cosmos and the stars, actually USED and APPLIED the art and imagination of the cosmos to guide and govern their lives within their Egyptian societies.

So, when wanting to figure out the TRUE art of love, understanding and spiritually of the Earth (within any religion one may follow – because they either all work, or they do not) why wouldn’t I want to research the actual library that is responsible for love, understanding, and the spiritually that spawned EVERYTHING that we “imaginatively” create from our very own minds and existence?

Has our primary foundation of understanding ourselves through the planets spiritual channel fallen off the focus factor?

Should religion re-focus this?

CAN religion even re-focus this?

I do not know. It takes more than reading the same books over and over again though, in my opinion.

But hey, this is just Theoretical Imagination.

Theoretical Imagination: Religion Compass

Simply theoretical. All imagination.



There is SO much building up within me. Most of my days consist of me just simply skatin through the office and warehouse, picking papers from bins and folders for EIGHT HOURS. I have now become so accustomed to this routine, I merely operate in a low-mentality phase-state, letting my mind and imagination drift off into the hills and valleys of a planet of peace, or some kind of solid foundation which I can find spiritual happiness.

It would be nice to have a religious home, one where I can find some sort of stability, but I simply cannot find myself to merely “choosing” one on a whim.

It will feel so spiritually wrong for me.

I am not perfect, nor has that left my vocals or fingers, but I do hold the belief and passion that our planet needs that “Spiritual RE-Configuration”. For ourselves, this planet, and the future we are “wishing” to have living here.

Religions Compass. I think of a compass and you have several different routes that are indicated for you in which you can travel.


Spiritual arguments that have been around since these sects were brought about, have they ever attempted to settle this madness – we are improving physically (WORLD-WIDE) through the men and women of this planet, but yet, our spiritual selves are STILL in chaos? The actual reality of the relationship to the Earth and the universe are everywhere, we share it.

No matter where I am, when I look up, I see the reality of a pure, magical, and uncharted harmonized kingdom.

Theoretical Imagination: Deity Diary

Entry# 4,144,491,783,201,099,182,122,816

Today seemed to be an interesting day for the colony (humans on earth). A portion of the colony in specific environmental areas seem to be understanding that the land that is around them is their very own template for imitation for continuing operations for themselves in the BEST possible manner.

I was starting to worry. The colony seemed to enjoy cutting down the oxygen labs (forests) and polluting and clogging their water systems. Hopefully, as more and more activity begins to be happen regarding their neighboring colonies (planets), the facts of their land for usage, and their limitless imaginations, they will start to understand themselves as a unit and not as competitive divisions that continue to keep them from advancing in the correct ways.

Population and Ecology

” Too many religious fanatics who do not care what happens here…. ”

The focus of ourselves as humans on this planet within this solar system has been made uninformative. The connect to the essence of the land is missing.

Opher's World

Population and Ecology

I can give you seven billion reasons why there are shortly going to be no tigers, whales, gorillas, orang-o-tang or chimps!

I can give you seven billion reasons, rising soon to ten billion, why there will shortly be no people.

I can give you seven billion reasons, and rising steeply, why the forests are being chopped down, the seas overfished, the air full of shit, the resources extracted, the water polluted, the woodland built on, the……………………………………………………

I can give you seven billion reasons, and counting, why there will be one thin layer in the rocks containing the remains of us.

The thing is that a billion is too big a number for the human mind to conceive.

Our planet has only been here five billion years.

Life has only been around three billion years.

We have only been around two hundred thousand years.

Civilisation has only lasted…

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Living on Your Planet Without an Owner’s Manual

The closest things we have to understanding Earth, our universe, and her properties are all man-made. Even today’s basic functions and operations that involve the sciences which aid in explaining our planet – WORLDWIDE – from her beginning building blocks of creation.

While the aspects of science remain to be tested and internationally recognized as accepted fact, is this our primitive manual to understanding ourselves, no matter which religious interpretation you may or may not follow?

Theory examples:

Science – an Earth manual of operations of our existence, studied and researched by men over extended periods of history.

Religion – various manuals of attempting to explain the operations of our existence from a time when applying imagination to situations of a select period of time.