Musing on Monday Morning

Sunday afternoon motivation from tomorrow morning.

Unload and Unwind

What offends us vs what should offend us - thought for monday.

While the description is a little generalized the intent behind it is utterly correct.  We’ve become a society so concentrated on micro-managing that we lose sight of the bigger problems. Or it may simply be that most feel overwhelmed or unwilling to deal with the larger issues and thus concentrate their efforts where they will make the most noise with the least effort.

Of course I may be a little on the cynical side but I lean toward the second reason as to why so many of those in power prefer not to hear or pretend not to believe that these bigger issues need more attention.

After all it is hard to get elected when what you propose will take long-term planning and probably a long time to see appreciable change. Other issues, smaller and yet somehow more volatile get a lot more coverage especially cloaked in righteousness and ‘family…

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