The Animal Continuum of a Feminalistic Universe

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Matthew Johnson

The Animal Continuum of a Feminalistic Universe

“Not only will truth set us free, but only freedom will set each of us on the way toward finding truth”. Source –

Living in the endless intergalactic wombs that surround our solar system, humans of this planet Earth (Mother Earth’s womb) are involved in what we call, The Animal Continuum paradigm.

The Animal Continuum is the theory / formula idea that humans have been physically and mentally enslaved in the womb of truth and freedom.

This idea applies to all humans of this existence – Earth and beyond (if any other life forms exist).


(Womb 1): You are born into existence (Earth) from your physical, natural, birth mother. From this emerging into the planet Earth, you leave womb 1 of your physical birth mother, and join the other 8 billion children of the Earth to live in our current realm of Earth, womb 2. As we live our lives day to day, Mother Earth (womb 2) and her neighboring planets all live and do their thing inside of THIS solar system (Womb 3). Everything that is inside of this womb 3 – the solar system – is one of hundreds of thousands other systems (or wombs) that are all a part and make up our Milky Way (Womb 4). Alongside our Milky Way (womb 4), we have other galaxies that exist and evolve all inside of this ONE vast universe that we can call womb 5. As for womb 5, could there be the possibility for a womb 6 or more out there far beyond our visibility and comprehension?

Quite possibly, we tend to believe so.

Quick example: Your mother gave birth to you, and before her, your mother’s mother (grandmother) was born, and before her, her mother’s mother (great-grandmother), this can go back for a while, to the point where we might start to see families as merely one tribe, one unit, one form of cultural collective of ancient days.

So, with this start of your family’s lineage throughout time on Earth, we see (with this example) the womb structure of family and universes being presented here within the womb of Mother Earth.

If we use this model to share with the celestial systems and universe(s), we can see that the examples of Earthly lineage is the exact pattern of universe(s) that surround our Earth’s solar system, with the idea of endless wombs of existence housing larger, more significant wombs of existence.

The video lecture provided hopefully aids in this theory for further understanding.


One thought on “The Animal Continuum of a Feminalistic Universe

  1. Thank you for bringing clarity..I have a friend who does this work called embryo…connecting people to sourse.. thank you again for following my posts as well! Heart to Heart Robyn

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