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Nest Protect Smoke Detector

The creator of the iPod, ex-Apple design exec Tony Fadell, has continued to invent revolutionary technologies since creating his own company, Nest.  The Nest Protect Smoke Detector is Fadell’s latest, a high-design smoke alarm system with plenty of advanced functionality.  Nest Protect alerts you and your family about smoke, carbon monoxide and other dangers with a firm voice, information about the location of the problem and a message to your mobile device.  Nest Protect is also adored for what it doesn’t do– it won’t chirp throughout the night when it’s low on battery, and it won’t produce false positives when you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen.  It’s just a smart, stylish and informative little device designed to save lives.

Nest Protect Smoke Detector | Gallery

Nest Protect Smoke Detector 3 Nest Protect Smoke Detector Nest Protect Smoke Detector 2



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