Earth’s Price Tag – $875 Centillion Dollars

This is how much Earth is worth.

If every bank around the world came together, met with serious bankers, investors, and accountants from every (developed) land, alongside the worlds leaders, scientists, religious affiliates, world thinkers, philosophers, elite entrepreneurs, and government officials, this is roughly the amount the planet Earth would cost.

If there was ever a ‘species’ that could produce and present this amount of funding for the purchasing of this planet, what would you think?

– Earth has a price tag?
– Who is trying to buy this planet?
– Other species are OUT there trying to BUY our planet, but why?
– WHO THE **** are these ‘species?’
– What will happen to this planet if sold to another ‘specie’?

The cycle never stops. If everyone was a millionaire, the price for that gallon of gas, that loaf of bread, the cost of milk for cereal, would EASILY exceed in the thousands.

(walk up to the grocery counter, place all 68 items on the auto slider that allows for your cashier’s easy access for bagging, and s/he looks at you in the following manner)

Cashier: Hello, do you have our discount savings card that helps you save on the purchases that you just bought?

Shopper: I do (hands off the card, cashier swipes)

Cashier: Alright (shopper), your total is $70,946. Will this be cash or credit?

(You look at your receipt, “you saved $3,247 shopping with us today. Thank you for shopping and please come again)

Same shit, just a different price range.

Office Outbursts / Comedy.

14 thoughts on “Earth’s Price Tag – $875 Centillion Dollars

  1. Prices are completely arbitrary. The theory is that a price is just an agreement between the seller and buyer on what the buyer is willing to pay for what they’re buying. In practice, sellers often have the upper hand because they’re businesses and there are many ways for them to dictate prices to buyers, who tend to be consumers. There are, however, significant exceptions, such as the 100 million writers trying to get published for the first time when there’s room for only about 20,000 books in the industry. The writers are the sellers and it’s the buyers who have an iron grip on things in that case. But how about I ask a question here: is price the same thing as VALUE? Is the value of things just as arbitrary as their price, or do things have a real, objective value that can be determined in a rational manner? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

    • Thank you for the question. Considering that I was born in the late 80’s, when I look back through history at how much things did cost for the consumers back then, and compare the prices to today, my answer would be that, the value of things are just as arbitrary as the price. We live in a culture that raises incomes for families, but yet, also raises the prices of the goods need to continue a smooth running household. If these prices and values were determined in a rational manner, would we need to continuously raise prices on goods and services as well as the incomes for the working household member? (I do not think so)

      I am not an expertise on this topic, but we definitely cater prices to the value of the time, event, or situation.

      • Well, it’s just a fact that the value of things has never been rationally determined. I was more wondering whether it COULD be. Would it be possible to figure out some way to establish what things are really worth? If we did, then perhaps we could end inflation forever and abolish all bargaining, dickering and negotiation. I can only dream.

      • PLEASE, by all means, continue thinking outside of the cube and dream on. This would surely do wonders for the economic perspective of our daily human lives. But, as of now, it’s all about that “Dolla Dolla Bill, Ya’ll!”.
        I think bartering might* be back around in the up and coming years, on a more serious, but honest agreement. Yay, or nay?

    • Well, humans and the rest of the species that are under us would be in a major pickle, but, as for Earth, (the Queen of comebacks) nature will recalculate what has been damaged, assess the foundation, and then begin to do her thing. It may be worth a dime during this rebirth, but, just like anything of superior value and importance, Earth’s stock will rise and rise.

      I just hope whoever invests takes better care of the ENTIRE spectrum of this planet’s magic and royalty than we have.

  2. So the vision for collective balance has sustainability coming into our consciousness as we shine light so brightly there is no lack, no separation, as we realize that over there is me, we have no reason to dominate, this is happening in our communities in Hawaii. Great Full to see this shift! We are what we have been looking for, one infinite light at a time! Much love and light to you my friend Heart to heart Robyn

  3. all animals, quantity of insects, bacterias, germs, cells, atoms, grains of sands of land inside and outside, all minerals, drops of water of all the oceans, drops of all liquid cannot reach the range of centillion

  4. all animals, quantity of insects, bacterias, germs, cells, atoms, grains of sands of land inside and outside, all minerals, drops of water of all the oceans, drops of all liquid cannot reach the range of centillion

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