Earth Code: Man vs Mother

This is sponsored by “The Fan”. (You know who you are)

I have an idea.

Earth is under two specifically constructed operations of living on this planet.Earth Code and Man Code.

Whatever religious deity that you praise, worship, and give complete glory and honor to, the fact will forever remain throughout the various religious institutes, is that without this planet, the information of her operations, her functions, and the science that makes her “Earth” within and around our existence, we would not be here to even understand and run this society that we are in control of.

To me –

Earth code is the sophistication of our way of life here on this planet. The balance is best seen as we are in Earth, but Earth is in us as well. We all share the house of Earth, and the universe that cradles our celestial neighboring galaxies. The mandatory use of sunlight for this planet has been instructed by divine powers for our sustainable use and understanding of what it means to be apart of this Earth.

(Perhaps a book is in store for this topic. One that can allow for full writing and understanding of my opinionated thought)

Man code is a way of thinking that limits how to see and understand the world around us. We have positives for viewing and operating ourselves within this planet, but we also hinder in aspects as well. Being a “smart” planet, it seems we could have found a common denominator by now for achieving that dream world of “heaven / paradise” on this magical planet for our very own existence.

We are spiritually sophisticated creatures of this planet – the landlords of the physical world. It is time to listen to Mother, again.


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