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What offends us vs what should offend us - thought for monday.

While the description is a little generalized the intent behind it is utterly correct.  We’ve become a society so concentrated on micro-managing that we lose sight of the bigger problems. Or it may simply be that most feel overwhelmed or unwilling to deal with the larger issues and thus concentrate their efforts where they will make the most noise with the least effort.

Of course I may be a little on the cynical side but I lean toward the second reason as to why so many of those in power prefer not to hear or pretend not to believe that these bigger issues need more attention.

After all it is hard to get elected when what you propose will take long-term planning and probably a long time to see appreciable change. Other issues, smaller and yet somehow more volatile get a lot more coverage especially cloaked in righteousness and ‘family…

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The Animal Continuum of a Feminalistic Universe

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Matthew Johnson

The Animal Continuum of a Feminalistic Universe

“Not only will truth set us free, but only freedom will set each of us on the way toward finding truth”. Source –

Living in the endless intergalactic wombs that surround our solar system, humans of this planet Earth (Mother Earth’s womb) are involved in what we call, The Animal Continuum paradigm.

The Animal Continuum is the theory / formula idea that humans have been physically and mentally enslaved in the womb of truth and freedom.

This idea applies to all humans of this existence – Earth and beyond (if any other life forms exist).


(Womb 1): You are born into existence (Earth) from your physical, natural, birth mother. From this emerging into the planet Earth, you leave womb 1 of your physical birth mother, and join the other 8 billion children of the Earth to live in our current realm of Earth, womb 2. As we live our lives day to day, Mother Earth (womb 2) and her neighboring planets all live and do their thing inside of THIS solar system (Womb 3). Everything that is inside of this womb 3 – the solar system – is one of hundreds of thousands other systems (or wombs) that are all a part and make up our Milky Way (Womb 4). Alongside our Milky Way (womb 4), we have other galaxies that exist and evolve all inside of this ONE vast universe that we can call womb 5. As for womb 5, could there be the possibility for a womb 6 or more out there far beyond our visibility and comprehension?

Quite possibly, we tend to believe so.

Quick example: Your mother gave birth to you, and before her, your mother’s mother (grandmother) was born, and before her, her mother’s mother (great-grandmother), this can go back for a while, to the point where we might start to see families as merely one tribe, one unit, one form of cultural collective of ancient days.

So, with this start of your family’s lineage throughout time on Earth, we see (with this example) the womb structure of family and universes being presented here within the womb of Mother Earth.

If we use this model to share with the celestial systems and universe(s), we can see that the examples of Earthly lineage is the exact pattern of universe(s) that surround our Earth’s solar system, with the idea of endless wombs of existence housing larger, more significant wombs of existence.

The video lecture provided hopefully aids in this theory for further understanding.

Ongoing Danger to The Great Barrier Reef

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Before and After Dredging - Guess which is which. Before and After Dredging – Guess which is which.

To start the whole post off on the right foot lets start with a little show and tell.  This photo is of Gladstone harbor which is situated along the Queensland coast. It’s become an environmental disaster with local fishing industry destroyed, sending thousands out of jobs and families in danger of losing homes.

Dredge This ? Dredge This ?

Now the Queensland Minerals Council is spending money again on an advertising campaign [steering clear of social media this time – oops someone got burnt] which is aimed at proving that dredging does nothing to harm the environment and that dredging and/or dumping in the Great Barrier Reef will not damage it in any way.

We have no proof of any adverse effects of dredging the reef. We have no proof of any adverse effects of dredging the reef.

If these guys were fairy tale creatures they’d all be battling for the role of Pinocchio.


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Tech of Tomorrow: 10 Innovative Gadgets for a Better 2014

Tech’s of Tomorrow

Lovely post from

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Nest Protect Smoke Detector

The creator of the iPod, ex-Apple design exec Tony Fadell, has continued to invent revolutionary technologies since creating his own company, Nest.  The Nest Protect Smoke Detector is Fadell’s latest, a high-design smoke alarm system with plenty of advanced functionality.  Nest Protect alerts you and your family about smoke, carbon monoxide and other dangers with a firm voice, information about the location of the problem and a message to your mobile device.  Nest Protect is also adored for what it doesn’t do– it won’t chirp throughout the night when it’s low on battery, and it won’t produce false positives when you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen.  It’s just a smart, stylish and informative little device designed to save lives.

Nest Protect Smoke Detector | Gallery

Nest Protect Smoke Detector 3 Nest Protect Smoke Detector Nest Protect Smoke Detector 2



Let’s face it, most of the tablets available today are built for low-intensity indoor…

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Earth’s Price Tag – $875 Centillion Dollars

This is how much Earth is worth.

If every bank around the world came together, met with serious bankers, investors, and accountants from every (developed) land, alongside the worlds leaders, scientists, religious affiliates, world thinkers, philosophers, elite entrepreneurs, and government officials, this is roughly the amount the planet Earth would cost.

If there was ever a ‘species’ that could produce and present this amount of funding for the purchasing of this planet, what would you think?

– Earth has a price tag?
– Who is trying to buy this planet?
– Other species are OUT there trying to BUY our planet, but why?
– WHO THE **** are these ‘species?’
– What will happen to this planet if sold to another ‘specie’?

The cycle never stops. If everyone was a millionaire, the price for that gallon of gas, that loaf of bread, the cost of milk for cereal, would EASILY exceed in the thousands.

(walk up to the grocery counter, place all 68 items on the auto slider that allows for your cashier’s easy access for bagging, and s/he looks at you in the following manner)

Cashier: Hello, do you have our discount savings card that helps you save on the purchases that you just bought?

Shopper: I do (hands off the card, cashier swipes)

Cashier: Alright (shopper), your total is $70,946. Will this be cash or credit?

(You look at your receipt, “you saved $3,247 shopping with us today. Thank you for shopping and please come again)

Same shit, just a different price range.

Office Outbursts / Comedy.

This Futuristic Indoor Garden Is Also A Groovy Fish Tank

The world of urban farming is coming to a suburb near you.

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Introducing the Aqualibrium Garden, an aquaponics indoor gardening system that uses fish to help grow healthy food.

Good news for all you aspiring urban farmers: there’s now a new way to grow a pesticide-free garden right inside your tiny apartment. Two law school students with a passion for renewable food sources and one aquaponics expert with experience in farming have designed the Aqualibrium Garden, an indoor method for cultivating food all year round.

The Aqualibrium Garden is a series of stackable chambers that functions as both garden and aquarium. Once the crates snap together, they create an aquaponic system for growing edibles at home. Aquaponics is a symbiotic system where water circulates from the fish tank below and up into the soil of the garden. The fish, snails, or crawfish supply nutrients (read: poop) that…

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