Would YOU Board my Spaceship of Spirituality?

I mean it, would you, your family, your animals, etc,  board my spaceship of spirituality?

No matter WHAT or WHO your deity representative may be, we will ride and slide throughout this universe, observing the ways of life, the facts and figures that make up this existence in the black void we call Universe. We would leave Earth in exploration, discovery and adventure to find the newest planets, the brightest stars, and open the eyes of many of the universe that has never been thought of called existence like this within this lifetime.

Cruising around the solar system we are apart of, we would set out to adventure the stars, the planets, and the other galaxies that make up this existence in the beautiful light that is Father Sun. Yes, we will be leaving mother Earth for a few months, but we will be back. To be a part of the Universal heavens, looking around at what our magnificent Creator of existence has laid out through the building blocks of evolution, we will share, together, in this experience to be a witness to the cosmic world that cradles our existence.

Consider this as the family cruise of the Creators back closet.


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