Are Earthling Spirits ready for the Cosmic Frontier?

We have YET find a common bond throughout the history of these religious sects and cultures, I do no think we are MENTALLY ready for such vast superior investments into the heavens. Especially with primitive mindsets and philosophical hatred.

We could not make it.

How can you adventure out into the heavens with hatred and negativity in your heart while soaring and gliding throughout the heavens above we call space? Viewing Creation outside of Earth and not thinking about where you fit in, and alongside the other humans of this planet. (Your Deity did NOT make a mistake in Creating the other human Earthlings you see around yourself)

If one can do that, and not ponder on the primary objective of their life, their spirituality, and philosophy of what it means to be a human of Earth, then damn, I do not want to adventure on that round with them.

We Earthlings of Earth are so eager to adventure, it is in our ancestral bloodline to want to adventure and go where others have not.

Imagine doing this via the mind and imagination, and having this applied to everyday actions and activities.

You have a winning mental mind state on your hands.


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