Motivated by Movers and Creators

Creative University of Earthlings


March 19, 2014

Matthew Johnson



Motivated by Movers and Creators


What if Father Sun was the artist of this particular solar system? The light and wireless energy that displayed from the distance was his paintbrush.

His Crayon.

His colored pencil.

All while shining from 92,956,050miles away he traced and ignited the soil of Mother Earth. To display the beauty and sheer divine existence that she is capable of. The mover and creator of this live display of art, poetry, theater, and dance make and shape the very cause of motivation.


Perhaps the Mother of life is the reason for the identity of the sun. Without the minuscule Earthlings and environment of this planet, the presence of the Sun would be unknown. Sunny is merely a huge light and heating source in this tiny corner of the Universe’s existence, without any sign of concept or understanding.

Without Mother Earth, this system would not have the names and labels associated with the celestial heavens from the human standpoint. The canvas of the solar system; Earth and Sun are the center piece.

Both Earth and Sun continue to exhibit raw form of love and service.








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