ImagiNATIONS: Nations within Creation

ImagiNATIONS: Nations within Creation

Creative University of Earthlings

March 12, 2014
Matthew Johnson

ImagiNATIONS: Nations within Creation

Brazil, America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India, China, Hungary, Croatia, wonderful lands within this wonderful planet. No matter your country, your NATION is a part of an idea of imagination that has been evolving into what your world is right now.

What is ImagiNATION? This is the applied art and science behind a countries interest in the forming, shaping and collective ideas as to a final template that can be used within a specific nation. The concept of ImagiNATION is fueled by passion, vision, motivation, and determination in evolving its overall objective in becoming the dream world that it has outlined. This idea is applied and used throughout all nations and regions of this planet of development.

As of now, you are in one aspect of living situation that has been seen and imagined from way back while residing in your countries society, culture, and way of life.


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