Mother Earth: The Only Cosmic Café Inside of this Solar System

Creative University of Earthlings


March 10, 2014

Matthew Johnson


Mother Earth: The Only Cosmic Café Inside of this Solar System


                Mother Earth is just like your regular coffeehouse. You enter inside of this universe, where other Earthling café patrons and socialites roam and mingle among each other. You all enjoy the sights and sounds of the coffeemakers and shakers doing their thing, as more and more people continue to enter this realm that you are presently watching and viewing.

                You all are connected and share as well. You are connected by the idea that you have linked up in this present location, at this present time with either associates or your own personal decision. You share the aroma of baked treats and warm beverages that make themselves at home, corner to corner, all throughout this café’s universe. For majority of the Earthlings that share this universe alongside yourself, you all depend on very important additions through the entire coffeehouse location. The WiFi connection that enables you all to be able to have access to the information superhighway, the electricity that allows you see what you are doing, and the foundation of this establishment that you all walk upon. You share in these central sources that allow all patrons of the establishment to enjoy, together.

                Now, to think that this particular coffeehouse (Planet Earth) is the first and only one of its kind, and is merely the last coffeehouse to exist, you are far from wrong. Imagine Earth inside of our solar system. This is your current location, inside of your coffeehouse.  If we are ever blessed to be able to adventure OUTSIDE of this solar system, what are the chances that we happen to spot another planet (coffeehouse) that is teaming with life, technology, and scientific abundance as well? So, you decide to leave your coffeehouse, maybe walk a few blocks in the North direction, and you come across another café, open for seating and ready to take your order.


Mother Earth: “Solar Café of your Solar System, Possibly others around a system nearest you.”



9 thoughts on “Mother Earth: The Only Cosmic Café Inside of this Solar System

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    • Oh my…. Could we seen new management opening up within our solar system?


      Has this management already been in business? I am VERY interested to see what happens with this. I ALWAYS said and believed that we were not the only creatures within this ‘town’ of the solar system.

      See, once we start to wonder around the city, we discover new places of potential business and interest.

      If you had the chance to fly out there and see it, would you make that trip? (Lets say that it would take you like a month)

      • I am a retired starship officer. I would jump at the opportunity to return to active duty serving, this time, as an archaeologist looking for artifacts on planets in the beta system.

    • If there was ANY way possible we could assist you, your team, and your platoon, I ask that you let us know (If authorization allows this) with any requests or services that you may need, Sir.

    • I thank you, Robyn. The cosmic soup – I like that. I can see you are doing awesome things within your universe. I ask you to continue flowing and growing.

      The Universal Consciousness, it is coming around. People are shaking the shackles and freeing their creative spirits just as our blueprint intended for being on this planet.

      Thank you again.


      • Thank you for taking the time to encourage my process…yes to shaking the shackles! I will continue as our blueprint intended!
        Heart to Heart Robyn

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