Spaceship Coupe and Cosmic Socializing

Spaceship Coupe and Cosmic Socializing

Mr. Jonfogastine USUALLY does not approve of us promoting musical artists, due to the amount of highly multicultural genres, but with this one blasting inside of the office late this evening, he was willing (as he rocked out to the guitar solo all throughout the hallway and on top of his desk) to make an exception.

This lovely artistic vocal display of cosmic compassion and intergalactic love by Justin Timberlake is entitled, Spaceship Coupe.

This particular piece can be fit into ANY subject of couple – no matter your race, region, religion, or relation – which is what we are all about. If you and your spouse could enjoy a cruise within the cosmos, would you REALLY be upset at anything else? (I hope not)

You would in fact be wrapped up with that significant other of yours, enjoying the view, becoming mentally at peace with the one you love, being out of Earth, viewing the awesomeness that is Mother Earth under the audience of stars.

HA, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

(Video of Jonfogastine’s performance not available)

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