Outdated Organizations of Order and Operation

I understand that the religious structures of this planet play an amazing role within the world, but come on, we are in the 21st century, in the age of information and technology, knowing how to do things, from how they work. You mean to tell me that your religion is STILL in dispute among other religions of this planet? 

When we all share this planet, this one existence that we can call “home”, within this solar system.

How are we EVER going to advance as a fucking planet for the cosmic whole if we cannot get through our mindsets that WE need each other in order to make this planet EVEN MORE awesome than it is right now?

I find it hard to follow under a specific ruling or order, when my mind has been developed by the divine structures that have NOT been created by the hands of man within Earth and Sun, but by the supreme force that we all share and have no choice but to live under and within.


I love all Earthlings, because we all rock and roll for this planet in our own specific way.


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